Certain definitions apply for the purposes of this website.

Accountancy services means services requiring accountancy or related skills performed by a member of a professional accounting body including accounting, assurance, financial management services, insolvency services, investment advice, management consulting and taxation.

Concessional license means that the practising license issued by professional accounting body limits the ability of the member to exceed a specified level of earnings in providing services:

Full license means a practising licence issued to a member of a professional accounting body for services:

Fly-in, fly-out or temporary practice refers to an approach, either through explicit regulation or otherwise, that allows foreign accountants to enter and provide accountancy services on a temporary basis without any formal local licensure or membership in local professional bodies;

Foreign accountant1 means an accountant entitled to provide professional accountancy services in a jurisdiction outside the economy of local jurisdiction, either by virtue of holding a license to provide accountancy services in the foreign jurisdiction, and/or by virtue of being a member of a professional accountancy body in the foreign jurisdiction;

Limited licence means a licence given to a foreign accountant permitting that person to provide a limited and specified range of accountancy services in the local jurisdiction;

Local accountant means an accountant who is entitled to provide accountancy services in the local jurisdiction, by virtue of being licensed by a local regulatory body and/or being a member of a local professional accounting body.

1 For greater certainty, the term “foreign” in this definition does not refer to the nationality or place of residence of the accountant.  Rather, it refers to the place where the accountant is entitled to practice as an accounting services professional.